Piñata Cakes

We are often asked – “What is a piñata cake?”

Just like a piñata, it is a normal looking cake with a delicious surprise packed inside! This clever concept is a lot of fun, and can be used for many different special occasions. Sweets or little chocolates like smarties are usually used, but your limit is your imagination.

Uses for piñata cakes

Piñata cakes are popular choices for a children’s birthday cake, themed party cakes, funky wedding cakes, Halloween fun cakes, New Year’s Eve, and my favourite is a gender reveal baby shower cake. The outside of a gender reveal cake does not indicate whether the baby will be a boy or girl, but when the cake is cut open, the inside is jam-packed full of little blue or pink lollies.

Variations on this theme – pinata biscuits, healthy pinata cakes packed with fresh fruit, pinata mini cakes, a cake with a special message inside made only for the cake recipient to read.

How to make a piñata cake

[quote]The most reliable method if you are time or bake-challenged, is to call our consultants and order your custom made piñata cake, made by our very talented cake decorator.[/quote]

If you want to try a simple piñata cake for yourself, here’s how.

You need to create a cake with a hidden centre. This can be a sponge or mud cake, or any cake that will hold its shape well after being cooled.

If you have a ring tin and two regular round tins that match in size, bake your cake in the three tins. Otherwise, bake your cake in three matching tins.

Allow to completely cool.

If using three round tins, you then need to hollow out the inside of the middle layer of cake.

Place your botttom layer of cake on your cake board. Spread your favourite cream or butter cream icing on top.

Add your middle layer of cake with the hole on top of the first layer of cake. Fill the hole with a variety of sweets. Popular pinata cake sweets include – selected coloured smarties to match your theme or baby’s gender, party mix lollies or party themed lollies like snakes and spiders for Halloween.

Add your next layer of icing or cream, then your top cake layer.

If you want to make your pinata cake extra special, consider how you wish to decorate your cake. It is most effective with its hidden surprise revealed on being cut, so icing your cake in a way that does not give the surprise away is ideal.

Pinata cakes – a modern twist on a very old tradition

The pinata cake is named after an old European and southern American tradition of celebration – the pinata. A pinata is a paper mache, pottery container or cloth filled with sweets or toys then hung so that it can be beaten to make the goodies inside fall out. This tradition is said to come from Europe as far back as the 14th century.

Keep the bat outside for this elegant twist on tradition, it’s far too tasty to waste. Simply slice into the pinata cake to reveal the surprise. Little eyes will sparkle seeing the sweet surprise tumble out the middle of this extra special celebration cake.

Allergies and Pinata Cakes

If you are making a gluten free, egg free or nut free pinata cake, make sure you check any cooking vessel and equipment used as well as any fillers that are going into your pinata cake.

Pinata cake gallery

We love being able to bring you ideas through photos, so our Pinterest boards and Instagram account are always active. Please check these for more ideas. Below is a sample of some of those images collected on our Pinata Cakes Pinterest Board for your inspiration.

gender reveal onesie baby shower cookies image

Gender reveal onesie baby shower cookies
Photo courtesy: Craftstorming

soccer themed boys birthday cake pinata cake image

Soccer themed boys birthday cake pinata cake
Photo credit: BBC Good Food

blue gender reveal pinata cake image

‘Gender reveal’ pinata cake – fun for a gender reveal element at your baby shower.
Photo credit: Betty Crocker

healthy fresh berry-filled summer style wedding pinata cake image

Healthy fresh berry-filled summer style pinata cake.
Photo credit: Healthfully Ever After

Easter egg themed pinata cake with easter bunny and chocolate eggs hiding image

Easter egg themed pinata cake with easter bunny and chocolate eggs hiding inside.
Photo credit: Zucker Zimt and Liebe

new years eve pinata cake image

“To a Smashing New Year”. Start the new year with a fun pinata cake.
Photo credit: Serenade Chocolatier

how to make rainbow pinata cake image

Pictograph on how to make this gorgeous rainbow pinata cake.
Photo credit: Handimania