Project Description

Custom Designed Ice Cream Cakes

Our gourmet ice cream cakes are made to order, so set your imagination into high gear and let us know what takes your fancy.

Ice cream cakes can be simple or fancy, we do wedding cakes, birthday cakes, shower cakes and much more. You can rely on our gourmet cakes for flavour without nasty additives you might find in other ice cream cakes.

Our edible images can finish off your custom cake with a special message, picture or logo.

What is in an ice cream cake?

The ice cream in our cakes represent the European traditions of ice cream making. Ice cream ingredients are:

  • gluten free (though, not the oreos and some add-ons)
  • sourced from real, natural ingredients and fruits – offering your guests a superior flavour and experience

These are popular for:

  • Weddings
  • Christenings
  • 1st Birthdays
  • All birthdays, for young and old
  • Bridal & Baby Showers
  • Mitzvahs

Gourmet Ice Cream Cake Flavours:

  • Americana Bubble Gum
  • Banana Gold
  • Gold medal winning Cafe du Brasil
  • Choco Mint
  • Chocolate Deluxe
  • Cinnamon Donut
  • Coconut
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Dulce De Leche (Caramel Fudge)
  • Hokey PokeyGold medal winning Lemon Tree Sorbet
  • Silver medal winning Mango Tango Sorbet
  • Strawberry a la Creme
  • Rainbow
  • Gold medal winning Vanilla Bean
  • Very Raspberry Sorbet

Ice Cream Cake Extras:

Go crazy with delicious additions to any ice cream cake you select. Try – Chocolate bars like Flake, Mint Slices, Oreos, Tim Tams, sprinkle M&Ms, honeycomb, macarons.