Getting Your Party Right with Our Large Party Catering

The pressures of a party grow with the number of people, the ambition of the event and the expectations for success. At Party Food Melbourne, have provided many different services, from catering to event decoration, on large scale events and parties. So, while you are contemplating your guest list and your venue considerations, think about some of these large party catering and planning tips that we know make a difference:

    1. Logistics.  If it’s a big gig, do you need to hire party equipment? What if it rains or it is really hot? Consider a marquee or shade tent. What about parking, bathrooms, and where to throw the coats? How about your pets? Is anyone allergic to your cat?
    2. Hiring help. Are you planning to work throughout your party, or do you want to be actively involved with your guests – consider hiring help. If kids are coming, keep them entertained – hire a couple of babysitters or children’s entertainers so the adults can relax. Ask for recommendations for large party catering. Our customers often send their friends and colleagues.
    3. BOOK EARLY. If you want to book large party catering, book as soon as you have your date. Just like party hire companies, caterers only have so many staff and pieces of equipment available. They appreciate that you won’t know your final numbers until closer to the date but do need to manage their diary too.
    4. Decorations. Your budget will be your guide, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple.
    5. Entertainment.Music sets the mood, so make a party mix. Games are optional but decide when you want them to happen.
    6. Get advice from experienced event suppliers – They (we) form your ‘success team’ on the day. The more we all know about your plans and wishes, the easier it is for us to work to achieving these goals.
    7. Invitations – Send your invitations four weeks ahead of time (six-eight weeks ahead for major holidays). The more details you give, the better. Include a map as well.
    8. RSVP list – 8.Add a column to make a note of the food requirements needed for our large party catering service. There are many specialty food alternatives available these days. Make sure the caterer knows well in advance.
    9. Surprise! 9.If your event has an element of surprise for your guests – make sure you tell the event suppliers! They may need to plan their involvement, equipment, arrival or set up differently, and there is nothing worse than the surprise spoilt with an innocent comment passed on at the wrong time.

Large party planning tips for beverages and bar set ups

Beverages for a large party need careful consideration, too.

cocktail martini glasses image

Sometimes the little details can get lost when you have larger scale logistics to navigate. Let us help!

  1. The bar – 1. Consider hiring a bartender. A frozen cocktail machine is another great time-saver – they reduce the level of ‘service’ required by the bartender, and can be placed in a different place, spreading out the access your guests have to drinks. Don’t forget, frozen slushies are not just for the adults. Our real fruit alcohol-free slushies are a real treat for your younger guests. Healthy too!
    In at. This and are self-serve and add a ‘punch’ to your beverages offered (excuse the pun).
  2. Mixed Drinks – 2.Make a non-alcoholic punch in one of our stylish champagne bowls or apothecary jar dispensers for designated drivers and children.
  3. For a smaller gathering, make one or two signature cocktails in a jug. Beer and wine can be self-serve.
  4. Recycling – 4. A large part of bar service is actually removing the empties. Don’t flatten your wine cartons – they are ideal for refilling with empty wine bottles for the recycling bin. Also, plan ahead for removal of your recycling during the party – from the guest/bar area, and via rubbish collection.

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