Hot Food Deliveries

Whilst we understand that not all venues have a kitchen, or that you may not have the resources to prepare food on a busy day. We also appreciate the importance of selecting the right style of catering for your party and venue.

Types of Catering

At Party Food Melbourne, there are many ways we can provide catering for your occasion:

  • full service catering – the catering team heat and serve your menu at your venue
  • cold party platters – great for a wedding in the park, outdoor parties, where there is no kitchen, or where flexibility is needed for the time that the food is to be served
  • D.I.Y. hot foods – prepared foods that are heated up by host at the venue
  • D.I.Y. hot foods with equipment- prepared foods that are heated up by host at the venue with equipment we provide. We can often set up the equipment and the food, then leave for self-service at the appropriate time
  • hot food delivered – we do not provide this service.

Should I Order Hot Food For My Party?

  • Could the event schedule change on the day?

    We recently provided fresh platters, and little savoury pastries that were warmed in our pie warmer at their office to be served on the completion of a VIP welcome meeting. The meeting ran over by 3/4 hour. If we had delivered hot food, it would have been inedible. It was kept safe and warm in the pie warmer until needed.

  • How Long is Food Service?

    A 3 hour finger food menu is not possible with a hot food delivery. Small pieces of food get cold quickly, even in a foil tray. All the food would need to be eaten on arrival, regardless of what else is happening at the time.

  • Quality of your Dining Experience

    Hot food sweats until served, pastries are a good example of foods that do not travel long distances very well.

  • The Time Needed From Preparing to Serving Food

    If your venue is not within 10 mins of our base, it may arrive at the correct temperature, but hot food sweats. Will it still be crisp and delicious?

    Please also consider the lead time for food (especially large quantities) to be heated, packed, transported, unloaded, the food station set up, then served.

  • Could there be other unplanned issues, eg, traffic?

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Simply start by selecting the type of menu you would like or call our Catering Manager for specific advice for your party. We work with you to plan the ideal menu to suit your venue, event requirements, your guests palate and your budget. 

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I just wanted to thank you and the team for helping make the engagement night such a special occasion. The food was great and the service was EXCEPTIONAL!
 PS. The Oreo pops were a HUGE hit! They looked fantastic with the engagement logo on them as well! We couldn’t have been happier!
Just wanted to say thank you for having everything organised yesterday. The food was great and there was a perfect amount. The catering staff were very organised and had everything under control. Due to the success of the event, I would definitely hire you again for next year.
Westall Secondary College
We really wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you all did on Saturday! You were such a great team and so much fun, everyone has been raving about you and the food. You were beyond perfect and added to our experience in such a positive way.
If we ever have a big event again you will be our number one choice. Thanks again J you’re the best!
Hayli and Thimo van Dijk xoxo

Why more event hosts choose PFM Events for Catered Lunch Menus, Boardroom Platters & Special Celebration Luncheons

With our personal touch at Party Food Melbourne, you have the advantage of more than just great catering for private parties.

We bring expert advice and can organise all those complex extras that can take up so much time and effort.

  • Wide Range of Coordinated Services
  • Great Full Service Party Catering
  • Freshly made party platters and full service lunch menus to please
  • Reliability & Experience
  • Large Party Specialists