gourmet healthy party food salad designer bowl

Word on the street is the healthy trend is here to stay, so this might be something to keep in mind if you are planning your next party. Every week, we receive increasing numbers of requests from party hosts for healthier options.

There are a number of healthy food & drinks you can incorporate into your next party’s catering options.

We love the joy on guests’ faces when they discover a cascading food station, loaded up with nature’s best.

Indulgent Fruit Stationssuperhero healthy party food fresh fruit platter

Fresh fruit has come a long way since the first apple dropped from the tree. Our vibrant fruit stations offer a festival of colour & deliciousness, all from nature. Add fruit coulis (dessert sauces), our stunning high quality, molten couverture chocolate straight from the cascading chocolate fountain and you’re up for a healthy finish to a fabulous wedding or private party. After all, there are many studies about how good chocolate is for you, too.

You can even order superhero & custom styled fresh fruit platters for your party.

Our Famous Real Fruit Cocktails

Real fruit cocktails are an easy way to spice up any party, without the added sugar that comes with sweetened cocktails. Plus, you can choose from gluten-free option for those with allergies or intolerances. Request no added sugar cocktails and mocktails to complement your drinks menu.

EXOTIC TROPICAL BREEZA real fruit frozen cocktail slushie imageTo make it easier to serve this treat at your next fiesta, you could hire a cocktail machine. There are a range of sizes to suit any party.

These fun machines are delicious way to treat your guests and do not have any additional sugars or preservatives often found in other alcoholic beverages. They are also the perfect addition to no fuss, no mess, self-serve bars.

Make sure you have enough glassware when you’re ordering this delicious item, as there is nothing worse than running out! Aim to have more than what you’ll need.

Gluten Free, Vegan and MoreFresh healthy gluten free catering platters high tea cocktail parties frittatas

We are now asked for gluten free and vegetarian menu options to be served at just about every party or event. Our specialty party food range has been developed over the years to specifically cater to these and other special requests. Our foods offered are delicious & creative, & are a popular party catering hit.

Our custom cake decorator can also prepare gluten free, vegan, diary free cakes, cupcakes, wedding cakes and more!

Healthy D.I.Y. Party Catering

We also offer take home gluten free, vegan, dairy free and fructose friendly party food packs and party platters for your D.I.Y. or B.Y.O. healthy/allergy foods.

wedding cake package party food melbourne imageWhat is better for you, preservatives or frozen foods?

Some food items are chock full of preservatives meant to extend their shelf life, while others are snap frozen on arrival and use the cooler freezer temperatures as a natural preservative.

While some items look like they’ve been freshly picked, in actuality they may have been sitting on the shelf for a month or two – you never know. The danger of preservatives is that the long-term effects have not always been tested to their full extent, so it could be difficult to estimate what these chemicals could do to our bodies in the long run.

It is for this reason that locally grown, fresh produce is the best and still maintains its nutritional value, even when snap frozen.

The Eyes Have It

We eat with our eyes first, so when it comes to planning a healthy party menu, consider presentation. Healthy food should bring vibrant colour to your party table, so capture nature’s magic with clever food styling & presentation.

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