Allergy & Religious Sensitivity Event Catering

We are asked every day about providing party catering that accommodates religious and food sensitivities. We appreciate that you want all of your guests or attendees to be welcomed with the same open arms.

We can help!

You can select from a wide range of gluten free items. Our platter selections have been created with this consideration in mind. You will find many platters with a wide range of flavour and ingredient choices. Consider ordering platters with vegetarian on one platter and meats on another, for example.

Our experienced consultants are also here to advise.

Salads and Fresh Platters Catering Menu Choices

For more details on fresh catering menu alternatives including fresh platters, salads, hot side dishes and desserts, click here.

fresh cooked prawns image


Gluten Free
Fructose Friendly
Dairy Free
Garlic Prawn Tapas Skewers
Chilli Crab Cakes
Salt & Pepper Squid
Tempura Garlic Prawns
Thai Fish Cake
Prawn & Pork Sui Mai
Prawn Gow Gee
Prawn Purses with Chilli
Prawn Trumpets
Tempura Fish Cocktails
fresh vegetables chilli peppers image


Gluten Free
Fructose Friendly
Dairy Free
Pumpkin & Herb Risotto Balls
Sun-Dried Tomato Risotto Balls
Mushroom & White Wine Risotto Balls
Vegetarian Gyoza
Spinach & Cheese Cigars
Traditional Falafels (Discs)
Herbed Mediterranean Balls
Vegetable Mini Dim Sims
Cocktail Samosas
Cocktail Spring Rolls
Curried Chick Pea Bites
Garden Veggie Burgers
Crumbed Camembert
Traditional Indian Spice Samosas
Sweet Potato Empanadas
Gourmet Pizzette with Pesto & Sun-Dried Tomato
Olive & Red Capsicum Quiche
Sun-Dried Tomato Mini Quiche
Vegetarian Party Pack (GF) - Pasties, Spinach & Ricotta Rolls, Quiche Tartlets
Thai Green Curry Puffs
Individual Vegatarian Pizzettes
Spinach & Ricotta Savouries
roast chicken pieces image

Chicken & Poultry

Gluten Free
Fructose Friendly
Dairy Free
Mini Thai Chicken Burgers
Gourmet Tandoori Chicken Pizzette
Cocktail Premium Chicken Skewers(No Gluten)
Oriental Chicken & Mushroom Dumplings
Satay Chicken Skewers (also contain no peanuts). This product available by special order only. Our regular premium satay skewers do contain gluten and nuts.
Peking Duck Spring Rolls
Tempura Chicken Bites
Oriental Chicken Pieces with Hoisin
Honey & Sesame Chicken Medallions
Mini Chicken Kievs
Smoky Chicken Mini Empanadas
Thai Chicken Petite Pie
Chicken Breast Goujons
Cajun Chicken Pieces
Dinosaur Chicken
Premium Chicken Breast Nuggets (gluten free OR dairy free options)
cocktail lamb skewers image

Beef & Lamb

Gluten Free
Fructose Friendly
Dairy Free
Lamb Koftas
Satay Beef Skewers (also contain no nuts)
Meatballs - Char-Grilled, Italian, Mexican
Premium Malay Spice Meatballs
Cooked (stuffed) Italian Olives
Mini Beef Dim Sims
Cocktail Beef Pie
(halal party pies can be requested)
Cocktail Greek Lamb Cocktail Pie
Baby Beef Empanadas
Fried Rice
Mini Sausage Rolls
Mini Party Pies
Cocktail Premium Beef Skewers
Mini Beef Hamburgers
Beef Party Pies
(halal certified)
✔ (special order)
Party Sausage Rolls
(halal certified)
✔ (special order)
mixed pork sausages chorizo image


Gluten Free
Fructose Friendly
Dairy Free
Cocktail Savoury Profiterole Balls (GF)
Cocktail Frittatas
Prawn & Pork Sui Mai
Cocktail Pork & Chive Dumplings
Petite BBQ Pork Buns
Mini Hot Dogs
Cocktail Frankfurts
Individual Hawaiian Pizzettes
Individual Mexican Pizzettes
Individual Supreme Pizzettes
Puffy Dogs


May include a mix of meat & veg, or different meats
Gluten Free
Fructose Friendly
Dairy Free
Classic Party Pack (GF) - Party Pies, Mini Quiches, Sausage Rolls
GF Party Quiches✔ (vegetarian and non-vegetarian)
Cocktail Quiches Assortment - Spinach & Ricotta, and Bacon
Mini Pizza Tartlets Selection - Supreme, Vegetarian & Hawaiian (Ham & Pineapple)
Cocktail Pies – Mixed Selection
Mixed Savoury Rolls
• Bacon & cheese
• Spinach & ricotta
• Chicken & asparagus
• Pumpkin & herb
• Lasagne
• Beef & poppyseed
✔ (vegetarian and non-vegetarian)
Mini Vol-Au-Vents ✔ (vegetarian and non-vegetarian)
Mixed Deluxe Savouries
• Curry Chickpea & Roasted Sweet Potato
• Aromatic Spiced Beef & Lentils
• Tandoori Lamb
• Cantonese Chicken
• Sicilian Pizza Pinwheels
• Chicken Tomato & Olive Tapenade
✔ (vegetarian and non-vegetarian)
Savoury Patties
Little gourmet pizzas photo

Popular Menu Extras

Gluten Free
Fructose Friendly
Dairy Free
Shoestring Chips
Straight Cut Chips
Sweet Potato Wedges
Seasoned Potato Wedges
Baby Potato Cakes
Curly Fries
gourmet cocktail quiche gluten free relish image

Dipping Sauces & Condiments

Gluten free and other specialty Dipping Sauces & Condiments can be organised
*Information is provided as a guide, and was correct at time of publishing. Always check the label or discuss any particular requirements with our consultants when you order.
* Seafood and items with no meat may or may not be Halal certified. Ask your consultant for more details.

gluten free ice-cream-wedding-cake imageSpecialty Celebration Cakes & Desserts

Delicious gluten free Celebration Cakes, Desserts (including dessert tables) & Cupcakes can be pre-ordered. Gluten free rum balls and jaffa slices are popular catering menu choices for gluten free party dessert tables that are popular with all of your guests.

Quality Celebration Ice Cream Cakes

Our ice cream cakes and sorbets are made locally, with care in ingredient selection, and custom made with quality decoration and message for your guest/s of honour. Ice cream cakes are a popular year-round choice for dessert catering menus across Melbourne.

Good to know about our quality ice cream cakes:

  • made from premium quality ice cream
  • all of the dairy ice cream flavours (except for Chocolate, Raisin Cubano and Vanilla) are:
    • free of egg products and egg by-products
    • gluten and wheat free
    • gelatine free
    • yeast free
    • GMO free
  • only real fruits and flavours are used
  • each serve contains substantially less fat than regular mass produced ice cream