Looking for the Perfect Event Venue?

Looking for a historic site, community hall, public park, your favourite gazebo or a beach to create your ideal setting for your event or wedding?

We offer a venue finder service, and can source just the right place for your requirements, desires & to fit your budget. We can organise just about everything the venue might need to create your perfect party.

  • Delicious Catering
  • Stunning Celebration Cakes & Dessert Bars
  • Marquees & Furniture
  • Bar Equipment & Light Up Bars
  • Party Decorations & Balloons
  • DJs, Bands & Children’s Entertainment
  • Heating & Cooling

We regularly cater at many local venues in Melbourne & surrounds. Each brings it’s own feel, capacity, ambience, facilities. We also know some are better equipped than others. When you are researching the right event for your occasion, keep in mind that we can provide a huge range of things you may not have even thought you need yet. You are welcome to ask our team for recommendations, or contact the local venues manager of your preferred venue to take an inspection & check your date options.

Not sure where to start with your venue search?

In addition to private venues, Melbourne is rich with council-operated & local community venues. To find out more about council operated venues, we have prepared this handy weblink to the council websites. Just click on the link below, then search for “Venue Hire”:

Privately Operated Event Venues

We will be also listing privately run event venues. If you operate a venue you would like mentioned here, please get in touch directly, with the reference “venue listing request” in the subject or call us today.

A Special Note about 16th, 18th and 21st Birthdays

Please note: we have attempted to source venues for many clients for 16th, 18th & 21st birthday parties.

In our experience, no Melbourne event venues allow 18th birthday parties, & venues are increasingly not offering their venues for 16th or 21st birthdays. If you decide to organise your 16th, 18th or 21st birthday party at home, call us first – we can help in many ways – phone (03) 9532 0400.


Venue Finder Service

Get in touch with our experienced team today, for great advice on choosing the right venue for your event.

Engage an Event Manager to find a venue (a service fee usually applies) for you. We provide best options, availability, and an assessment of each according to your brief.

Sometimes a venue may be ‘nearly’ but not quite perfect. Your dedicated Event Manager will work alongside you in working through all of the finer details to ensure your event space is what you need it to be.