Event Planning & Budget Considerations

With so many different components that make up your catering & event costs, it’s important to understand them and the direct impact they can have on your event planning budget.

To help you start planning, we’ve outlined each of the main event budget areas here. Your Event Manager can review these with you to help determine not only what’s best for your event, but also what will realistically fit within the budget that you’ve set.

Here are some of the basics to think about. Some are more targeted to professional event planning, but all have their place:

  • Using Excel or Google Sheet – Google Sheet can be shared with stakeholders and the work team. Both allow for collation and calculation of budget and actual costs.
  • Potentially looking into event budgeting software
  • Adding line items for every single detail – including the post-event clean up, bump out, equipment returns
  • Knowing when payments are due (being late could incur surcharges or inability to supply)
  • Review your budget against actuals – adding expected amounts and actual costs so you can see if you are over budget
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Food & Service Style

Select from our menus or talk with your Event Coordinator for a custom menu. The service style you choose will have a direct impact on your budget, as it will determine the staff-to-guest ratio required to successfully run your event. So remember, the more complex your menu, the more staff will be required. Labor costs can play a significant role in increasing your costs.

Do you want desserts, a lolly bar or special celebration cake? You may also need crockery or disposables for these too.

Beverages & Bar Service

The next consideration in planning your budget is the type of beverages you’d like to offer. Options include a full bar, beer and wine, non-alcoholic, and coffee or tea service. The most important consideration is whether or not to offer alcohol, as it will obviously have the largest impact on your costs. Consult your Event Coordinator to determine what’s ultimately best for your event and your budget.

Duration & Time of Day

The length of your event will have a direct impact on your budget. While most events typically last anywhere from 3-4hrs, a wedding can be 5-6hrs or even longer. Choosing to extend the length of your event can significantly increase your labor costs, as well as costs associated with extending food and beverage offerings during this time.

Time of day will also affect the quantity of food needed for your guests.

Event Location

Our venue is your venue. Various charges may apply based on the actual venue you select, so it’s important to understand what is and what isn’t included in your rental fee. For example, certain venues include parking, while others don’t and require valet service at an additional cost. You’ll also want to inquire if your venue includes tables and chairs or beverage service. Having these items included with your venue rental can help lower your catering budget.

Rentals & Extras

Most serveware and linens are included in our menu pricing as a savings to you, but may vary based on the menu style that you select. We offer a wide selection of tables and chairs, as well as upgraded décor and lighting at an additional cost. We work with only the best florists, event planners, photographers, and valets to help streamline your costs and ensure a stress free experience.

Entertainment & Special Services

The list of event specialty service is limitless, especially when you have a VIP event. Often required services to consider include celebrant, entertainer, DJ, MC, ushers, security, seating host, a band or musicians, children’s entertainer, merchandisers, auctioneer, venue manager, valets, cleaning crew.

Gifts & Extras

Do you want to give a wedding gift or bonbonniere (also spelt bomboniere)? If it is a launch, do you need logo printed gifts or gift bags? What about meals for the working crew at the event, or service team back at the warehouse?

We appreciate the challenge in building a realistic and thorough catering budget.

Contact our dedicated team of event planners for a detailed quote or costing estimate for your event.

We know events and are always here to help.