Catering & the Environment

Care about the environment? As catering providers, we do too.

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Stylish, environmentally friendly catering accessories and servingware to suit all your entertaining needs.

How do we consider the environment in our business?

  • energy – we generate loads of energy here in Moorabbin via our 32 solar panels. What we do not use, we send back to the grid. Our appliances are set to only operate during the day wherever possible to minimise any requirement for us to use grid electricity. The trickle of grid power we draw is matched by renewable energy generation through our selected energy supplier.
  • durables (rentals) over disposables – we offer many rental equipment and decorator items for all occasions. For example, reusable cake stands always rate higher in our book than disposables). Our bar equipment packages are a huge hit with party hosts for home parties.
  • reuse – we reuse bags, boxes, thermal food boxes and more, wherever possible, and recycle those we cannot reuse.
  • locally-sourced – we strongly support local business, and source ‘as local as possible’ foods and event supplies. We feel fortunate as Melbourne is Australia’s ‘food capital’, we are always spoilt for choice!
  • sustainable fishing and farming – we support seafood companies that practice sustainable fishing methods, use La Iaconica chicken and Gippsland beef in our hand-made menu items
  • balloons – balloons we provide for outdoor settings are subject to a strict code with respect to the environment and potential dangers with helium-inflated balloons. We are trained in decorating without the increasingly scarce natural resource – helium. Great balloon designs and decor do not necessrily need to be inflated with helium. Ask our team for design ideas for your party.
Choose air-filled balloons for your next party! Great, versatile, festive designs. Avoid using up increasingly rare helium. Ask your consultant.

How would we help you and the environment for your next event?

  • Support locally made – our catering foods are sourced from as locally as possible. We are big believers in minimising use of transportation to get our food to you. You can also be reassured that the vast majority of our food comes from Australian (and Victorian) farms and processed under Australian quality guidelines. Some ‘jewels’ include La Iaconica chicken, Gippsland beef, Molly Denes, Tassie salmon, Melbourne-made arancinis, petit fours, pies, sausage rolls, quiches and more.
  • Provide rentals or durables over disposables. Popular rental requests can be found on each page for the occasion you are organising. Ask your Event Manager about great decorations including re-lightable candles, lanterns, and other great decorations.
  • Buy in bulk – much less packaging & fewer trips to the shops
  • Balloons – choose from our stunning range of air-only balloon designs, and biodegradable latex with paper ribbon for outdoor balloons
  • Choose eco-grown & recyclable – this includes now famous bamboo or biodegradable – plates, bowls, curtlery, presentation ware, packaging (noodle boxes, lunch boxes, etc), loads of bamboo food accessories (skewers, etc). We are always discovering new products, so please ask your Event Manager for styles and suitability for your occasion.

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Rental glassware, mobile bars, mobile refrigeration & bar equipment all help reduce our impact on the environment.

Check our Tips pages for the latest in environmentally-friendly tips & ideas for your next party – more here on our blog.

If you are organising an outdoors event or a gathering in the park, we can organise fresh food platters and pre-packed lunch or snack boxes to order. Eco-friendly party supplies & decorations available here @ Party Flair.