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Why do organisations bring their people together in celebration?

It is hardly surprising that most employees enjoy the idea of a good party, particularly if it’s all bought and paid for by the higher ups!

However, the expense of a big bash can sometimes give bosses pause. There can be a temptation to even postpone or cancel a corporate party if the business is going through tough times.

If you’re not sure whether to hold a party for your staff this year, here are four (timeless) reasons why you should.

Employer of choice

Thank your team. For me, this is the big one. It is especially important in times of big changes in your industry or organisation. It shows that you appreciate your staff come to work for you every day, and not your competitor. It has the bonus of ensuring you are known as the employer of choice. If your team have pulled through a challenging project to success, your acknowledgement will be appreciated.

It boosts morale

Holding an annual party is a very deliberate way to make your employees know they are appreciated.

It will this give your staff something to look forward to. It will also get everyone working together and contributing to arrange the event.

Bring people together from different parts of the organisation to work together on bringing the party together.  One group can prepare decorations,  another group is charged with finding the perfect venue (more here on venue sourcing).

Team building

New friendships can be built and older ones strengthened at staff parties with many of the workplace barriers are removed and everyone having a good time.

If you’re really keen to make your party a team-building exercise. You can always play games or centre it on learning a new skill like cocktail making or cooking.

Great food and drink

Corporate catering is a great way to ensure your work party has the kind of food and drink that has people talking around the water cooler for weeks to come. Our corporate themed parties are hugely popular choices as people can shift it up a gear with a different setting or feel to this year’s EOFY party.

Indulge in delicious party catering while you chinwag with colleagues about the year’s achievements and plans for the future.

Think about clever beverages or a high tea style party. High teas and pre-dinner shindigs are evergreen choices as they can occur later in the day, but do not eat into much personal time.

Grazing menus are a still a relatively new concept in event catering, but are becoming really popular. This interactive, casual style of meal service facilitates a really engaging, social element at your staff party. Interactive, customised food stations create a lively buzz. There are so many choices. Our experienced team is here to help guide your decision.

Staff retention

Showing your employees that you appreciate their efforts does more than just boost morale, it can also help build loyalty and teamsmanship.

Your organisation invests a lot in training, culture & development of your employees. Acknowledgement of their commitment to the organisation is just as important.

Make Organising Your Work Party Easy

Contact your dedicated Event Manager at Party Food Melbourne today. Our experienced team can source a fabulous venue, bring great catering & help you put on a fantastic corporate bash with memorable moments!

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